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The wiring of your company or home is important. By employing the right technology you not only save money and energy, but also gain peace of mind. We perform electrical installations for private, commercial and industrial clients, including the installation of control and heat pump systems.

At LaJoie Electric & Control Service, Inc., we use the latest technology to seamlessly execute your project. Our professional electricians will keep you well informed at every stage of the project. 

Carry out the electrical check!

By installing bus systems, we can provide you with a safe, comfortable atmosphere. For example, these systems make it possible to have the windows close and the alarm system activate at the same time as the door is closed when you leave the house. Heating and ventilation are controlled automatically, lights are switched off or on and much more.

Services: heavy and light current engineering, LCN bus control technology, alarm systems, hot water heaters, data networks, satellite systems, cable TV, ISDN, telephone systems, mail box systems, roller shutter and gate drives, lighting technology for offices and emergency lighting.

Our expert staff would be happy to advise you at any time.

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